Friday, August 1, 2008

Zack is continuing to improve! He is still sedated and on the ECMO machine, his vital signs are strong and his chest x-rays continue to show steady improvement in the health of his lungs. 

Zack is responding to voice. I've been reading to him --- "The Samurai's Tale," by Erik Christian Haugaard --- and so has my mom --- "Warriors: Into the Wild," by Erin Hunter...The oxygen levels in his blood increase when he's listening to us read and his heart rate and blood pressure slow down a bit too. 

Thanks so much for your comments, emails and text messages. I've been reading them to Zack. You can also leave me a voicemail message and I'll play it for him. 

Wendy Votroubek, Dave Johnson and Brian Armstrong visited Zack yesterday. Brian even called upon his paramedic training to help Gina (shown, a respiratory therapist) and a nurse reposition Zack.


colvid said...

z - last night we had a going away party for angela b. at the laurelthirst. i got up and roasted her good! she laughed real hard. i sang the beattles' Hey Jude, but changed the words. i thought you'd like it. here's some of the lines.

hey ang
so, yeah, your short
but that's not such a bad deal
it could be worse
like imagine you were born with a full beard
that would be weird
and worse than being short

hey ang
don't get agro
just because your such a dwarf
here, let me get that down for you
and don't let it bug you
that we're above you

hey ang
again, your short
a really great girl
and really short
but remember
there's other great short people
like napoleon
and danny davito!

keep getting better little dude.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zack,

I can't wait to see you next week! You are so strong and brave..... I've always known that about you from the first moment I ever set eyes on you. You have always been a rock for your mother.... and I know you always will continue to be one. You hang in there.... there is no stopping you. I love you and can't for Mocha, Maya, and all of us to hang out on the beach together soon!



Anonymous said...

Hey Zack,

Keep up the good work and keep on improving. Sounds like you've got two amazing readers by your side. Wish we were there too. But even though we're not, we think of you every day and look forward to the time we will all laugh together.

Hugs to you, mom and grandma,

Laura, Carlos and Olivia

Anonymous said...

The pictures are wonderful and we are so very happy to hear Zack is doing better and better...little baby steps are good Zack and we can't wait until you're down in Pacifica! Keep a smile and always good and happy thoughts! Love Carol

Cristina said...

Hi! Uncle Miguel and Uncle Michael are in the air right now! That's so exciting!! So I took Murphy for a walk today and it was pretty hot out (and we actually ran into Aunt Aleta and Mikey walking there as well.) So when we got home Murph went and sat in his empty pool in the backyard and stared at me. So I got the hint and put some water in it for him and he actually let me spray him with the hose too. He never lets me do that (I guess it reminds him too much of a bath) so he must have been really hot! And then he flailed about in his little kiddie pool like the big dork he is :). And he also told me that he can't wait to hang out with you again so he can show you what a good swimmer he is. And he knows you would be very proud that he actually fetches things in the water too instead of his normal practice of watching you throw a toy and looking at you like your crazy :). And, yes, he really did tell me all those things. He's become quite an excellent communicator :).

I love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hey Zack Im really really glad your getting better
and guess what i'm moving back to Portland for school i really hope i'll see you there,so please please please! get better!

PS say hi to Bob dog for me (c:

Shawn said...

Hi Zack,

I heard that you have been playing Mario Kart. Tell your mom that the next time you guys are in San Francisco, I want her to bring you over to our house and I will challenge you to a few games of Mario Kart, and maybe some FIFA soccer, and whatever other games you want to play. We'll grab a burrito at La Corneta and play until we get sick of playing. I wanted to get a Wii system, but Tina doesn't want to, so I'm thinking that maybe Santa should bring one for Keira and Taryn. Hopefully we'll see you before then, but if it's after, that's okay too.

Take care, and we can't wait to see you,

Shawn (Courtney's brother)

reba said...

Dear Zack,
I just talked to Maeve today, she is sending you lots of love. Yesterday I was in the Ulmer Muenster. It is a giant cathedral in Germany and has the highest steeple in the whole world. I lit a candle for you there and then climbed 768 spiral steps to the top to send you the very best. When I get home I will send you the pictures of your candle and the church.

Lots of love,

Rebecca, Maeve's mom

Anonymous said...

Well Zacky its the weekend and I hope you are listening to your readers and feeling good that so many people are sending you good wishes. You must listen and get weel so you can come out an play in Pacifica. Its beautiful down here today and the sun and beach are clear and warm.....if you listen you will hear the ocean! Be well!!!! Love Carol

Anonymous said...

dear Zack & Maria,
Hi! It's Gwen Clements! hope you guys remember me. well my brothers told me about everything so I,m sending you my hello & good wishes.I pray for you!I,m glad to hear your getting better & stronger!Get Well Zacky!

your friend,

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you both...proud to know you both. Tonight was one of my funniest shows ever. There was a guy who looked exactly like Larry from the 3 Stooges and I brought him up and did a ton of Stooges schtick and the audience went nuts. would've love it. Then a guy came up named Dino and I did a whole Flinstones thing. I'll tell you more when I see you Monday. Slow and steady you are getting better, healthier...nothing will stop you. Love, Frank