Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hi. It's me, Zack. I'm out of the ICU and now I'm up on the 10th floor. It's a lot quieter on the 10th floor and you get a lot more privacy. I'm feeling pretty tired right now...The doctors say I might get out of here soon. 

This is Maria again...Zack just went back to sleep so I'll take it from here.

Zack's been doing lots of physical therapy and has been able to stand and even walk a tiny bit. He's progressed from the cardiac chair to a regular wheelchair and spends time outside when possible (we're having beautiful weather in Portland). He's slowly being weaned from the nasal cannulas and is only receiving a very tiny amount of air through them. He still has two chest tubes but they're probably going to be removed today or tomorrow. Once that happens he needs to be able to walk and not need the nasal cannulas...and then we can go home. 

The hematology/oncology docs wanted to restart chemo last Wednesday, the day after he was extubated, but I held them at bay until Friday. Zack's now officially in Maintenance but has only received two of the four meds scheduled for the first treatment (one of those two drugs is a daily that he has to take long term). The docs are probably going to skip one of the meds as it's the least necessary of the bunch but Zack is going to get the other one this week (it's intrathecal chemo which means it's given directly into his spinal fluid). 

I went to the first 7th grade class meeting last night and Zack's class is starting to learn about the Renaissance Period. Zack's going to try to keep up with them and also do some math. 

When Zack's not working out with his physical and occupational therapists, he's reading (Far Side, the daily comics, Mad Magazine), listening to Elton John, kicking and punching a beach ball around, asking to have his feet massaged, etc. He's moved from watching non-stop Hogan's Heroes to Family Guy in the evenings. Not really a linear progression but it's making him laugh and he won't be allowed to watch it once he leaves the hospital! 


Anonymous said...

Before you know it you'll be out and running with your friends! I do hope that Maria will keep up this blog...it sure is a good way to find out what is going and how things are without being in your space. I'm glad the weather is good...it's not down here in Pacifica, but I am still sending our great air to you and continued good wishes and prayers. The best to you always Maria. Love Carol

Cristina said...

i love that your watching family guy zack - good choice! i think brian and stewey are my favorites :).

love you!!!


Anonymous said...

Zack, you're super.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I am sure you can't wait to get home, Zack. Keep up the hard work.... you are almost there.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Zack!! We don't know anything about Family Guy and Olivia moans when I tell her to turn off Sponge Bob.

Personally, I would rather read about the Renaissance -- but I guess that's a mom's voice talking!!

Keep doing what you're doing!! You inspire us everyday with your progress.

Hugs and love,

Carlos, Laura and Olivia

Anonymous said...

Hey Zack, I realized that your mom said SCHOOL!!!!! Oh my gosh is that great or what... think of the things that you will bring to your classmates on your experiences and how that will educate them! Wow what a way to share!!!! Anyway good for you Zack! Keep on Working! Carol from Pacifica

Jen said...

It's great to hear from you personally Zack! Your mom is doing a great job of keeping us all posted(and thank you! thank you! thank you! for that Maria), but you are the highlight of the blog = ) and knowing you're able to say hello to us all is heart warming! Keep on going strong Zack! Everyone is soooooooo proud of you!
All the best- Jen

Anonymous said...

Zack. Great to hear you are feeling well enough to type. I am really proud of how you are handling this whole deal. Went to the Giants game yesterday and they won! Lots of new players this year.

Take care,
ybbob goom