Friday, September 19, 2008

We've been at Legacy Emanuel for a week today. Zack is walking, climbing stairs, riding a bike, eating (he's been craving spaghetti and burritos), reading, writing...and he's very, very ready to go home. The rehab docs are saying he might need another week or more of therapy but I think they're being overly cautious. Zack gets tired, but not too easily, and he is taking care of himself. Some things, like his balance, which is not bad but not great either, are just going to take a little more time and it will do his spirits a lot of good to be back home.  

Zack's therapists gave him an overnight pass for Saturday so we'll both be spending a night at home for the first time in 10 weeks. If the weekend goes really well, I'll take him home for good early next week and he can finish physical therapy as an outpatient at Doernbecher. 

Zack likes to wear his robe during therapy. 
Mo, one of his physical therapists, calls him Hugh Hefner. 


jill shafer said...

Go ZACK! GO ZACK!! GO GO GO ZACK!!! *insert funny running man dance that i am doing right now at my desk!*

Anonymous said...

Zack - The picture of you on the bike amazes me every time I look at it!! I love you, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Okay HUGH!!!!!!! Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!! I can't believe how well you're doing, keep up the good work I'm sure it's tough but you are a walking miracle and you CAN do it. I will keep on sending my Pacifica Air and prayers so you can get home soon and get ready for the Holidays. Maria I Love you and thank you for the update.. God Bless you All. Carol in Pacifica

Cristina said...

Wow zack!!! I'm joining jill in her dancing (and the people at the hotel are looking at me funny...) but instead of the running man, i've chosen to do a little bit of the chicken dance incorporated with some raising the roof!!! :)

love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Zack, I mean Hugh Hefner, is that Bob Dog in the bike basket?
woof, woof!
We're all so proud of you,
Rowena & friends at OHSU

Tina said...

So great to see you up and about. Keep doing what you're doing : ) Hope you enjoy your night at home, I'm sure you will!

Lots of love to you and your mom,


Jen said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Zack,
Cool pic of you riding around. I hope you enjoy sleeping in your real bed tonight. A big hug from Nina and me from Scotland.
Oh meat,

Anonymous said...

Zack! You are amazing! I can't believe the incredible progress you are making. Keep up the good work!
Praying for you both,
The LeFave's
PS What do you call a bird that flies over the sea? A seagull.
What do you call a bird that flies over the bay? (A bagel.)

Anonymous said...

That-a-way Zack!

Anonymous said...

Hey Zack, how r u doing? I am glad to hear that u r feeling a lot better and that u can do a lot more things. I've started school and we're also learning a lot about history and the foundings of New America. I brought some Legos 4u from Germany if u like 2 have them. Hope u keep getting better. Love, Brian and Cathrin

Aleta said...

We are all so proud and amazed at the progress you have made keep it up!!! I bet the spaghetti really hits the spot! xoxo the Novato Blakely-Llull Clan.