Monday, December 1, 2008

Friday 11/28 was the one year marker for Zack's leukemia diagnosis. During the past month, we've both been remembering what we were doing last fall before he was diagnosed. Those memories - of Outdoor Ed with his class, a visit from my cousin Michael, a road trip in Idaho, Thanksgiving with family in California, etc. - have been especially acute. Zack has been through so much this past year and as his one year marker approached, those memories acted as a comparison of what has changed in his life. 

However, Zack is still Zack and that's very clear these days! He's healing in every way and I'm impressed by his resilience and strength. Every day, my thanks go out to all the family members, friends, medical personnel and school faculty who are helping my son on this journey.

Zack spent the 28th with family - his cousin Mikey, his aunt and uncle, Aleta and Miguel, his grandparents, and me. We mentioned the significance of the date once and then happily ignored it and enjoyed the day.


Today was a chemo appointment, including intrathecal and intravenous meds. Zack was sedated for the procedure so he took the day off from school. Nurse Cyndi, Dr. Suman Malempati and anesthesiologist Dr. Michael Seropian took care of him. 

Zack's appetite is returning and he weighed in at just over 80 pounds! He's been lingering in the 70s for a while so this is big news. Also, his blood counts are very healthy and his doctor is happy with his general health and strength. 

One indicator of Zack's returning strength is his renewed ability to lift me. He's been able to pick me up off the floor since he was 5 or 6 and he's happy to find he has the strength to do so again!