Friday, November 7, 2008

Zack had an appointment at Doernbecher today. It was an easy day: only one kind of chemo (vincristine, a synthetic form of a compound found in Madagascar periwinkle) plus a flu shot. Zack's blood counts are very strong and Dr. Anur was so happy to see how healthy Zack looked, he brought Doctors Wolff and Stork to see him. 

Zack was relieved to find out he's officially more than 5 feet tall! His weight is about the same but he's averaging in the high-70s instead of the mid-70s. Nurse Rochelle took care of Zack today and he also saw Nurse Cyndi and Rowena.

Halloween pictures are posted per Dr. Anur's request!

Indiana Jones (Zack), Aragorn (Gaelan), Zorro (Edan), 
a She-Devil (Gabe), a Stormtrooper (Josh)

Zack as Indiana Jones

Halloween Haul