Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"...but I can't see the stove."

Week of March 3rd...
Zack and I drove to the Seattle area for a few days...On Wednesday night, we went to a special 75th Anniversary screening of one of our favorite movies, "Duck Soup," and on Thursday night, we saw "An Evening with Groucho," making this our fourth time seeing the latter show (and still counting...). Follow the below link to read an interview with Frank Ferrante featuring Zack and yours truly:

We had a great time in Seattle and Kent and returned to Portland for a Friday afternoon movie party hosted by Zack's teacher, Donna Blaser. The desks in her classroom were pushed back to make room for bean bags, snacks and Zack's classmates. Here's the text of the invitation sent out by Ms. Blaser:

"There will be a grade six social this Friday to spend time with our dear friend Zack. We will gather at 3:15 (right after school) in the classroom to watch the movie "Princess Bride". This will give the class an opportunity to spend some social time with Zack without him feeling pressure to entertain them all (Zack has always loved to entertain us all- and we look forward to a time when he has more energy to do it again!)."

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