Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The extubation was a huge success and Zack keeps getting healthier and stronger...There's even talk of leaving the pediatric ICU tomorrow and heading back to the 10th floor. He's using nasal cannulas which supply a small amount of oxygen (without pressure) to help him transition from the breathing tube. 

Zack can talk in loud whispers and his throat doesn't hurt! He's been able to drink water and a little bit of apple cider and he may be able to start eating (broth and other mild foods) as soon as tomorrow. 

For the first time in weeks, Zack was out of bed and out of his hospital room today...He got into a cardiac chair, which looks like a tiny, narrow bed on wheels and is being used to help him get into a sitting position, and his nurse, Joyce, wheeled him out of the ICU to a courtyard where he sat in the sun for 20 minutes or so. 

Nurse Joyce with Zack

Zack's in really good spirits and his grandma and I are having a lot of fun with him, as are the nurses who've taken care of him all this time. He's doing the breathing exercises and physical therapy necessary to get out of the hospital...frequent foot massages help motivate him. 


Unknown said...

Tears and jumping for joy!
Amazing! Scintillating! Lovely!
Adjectives alone cannot describe...
Edan and I want to come visit as soon as you are up for it.
Love and Strength
Tony and Edan

Anonymous said...


Happy to see your smiling face : )

Love to you,

crllull said...

wow zack!!! it's so wonderful to see you smiling!!! i'm sure it was pretty awesome to get outside for a little while today :).

i can't wait to talk to you!

i love you man,

Anonymous said...

Zack!!!!!!!! You look fantastic! Keep up the good, hard work, you are proof that it works. We all love you and are thinking about you always. I can't wait to see you.


Anonymous said...

You look amazing Zack...I am so very happy to see you up and getting back into the grove...enjoy every step and get stronger and stronger with every breath you take remember I am still sending you that wonderful Pacifica air!!!!! Breath deep and feel the healing. Love to grandma and Maria. Thanks for the pictures and update. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You look SO GOOD Zack!!!! You need to get out of that hospital soon..... I keep finding fur and pawprints on my keyboard!!!!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! and I love seeing the new picture of you, Zack, with you great smile! I can't wait to tell Shakari tomorrow morning! Hugs to your mamma and gramma for all the love and care they have given you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Zack,
Great to see your smile and know that you are getting better. I miss you and can't wait to hear your voice! Next stop--I'll get you a grilled cheese sandwich or a bean burrito.

Anonymous said...

Zack, You are doing are the champ of champs...sending love and laughs! Swordfish! Love, Frank

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Maria, thanks for putting up a picture of Zack!! and smiling!! WOW!! I'm so happy for him and you and your mom! You're all incredible! Lots of hugs and kisses to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Zack & Maria!

Right on! Right on!

Zack you are looking great!



Anonymous said...

Zack, you're a Super Dude!

Anonymous said...

So here in Pacifica our fog has found its way back to's the air up there? Are you out of ICU yet? You look great in your pictures and can't wait to see a new set...makes us feel like we are there with you Zack. Keep getting stronger and stronger and keep breathing. Love Carol