Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Zack's monthly chemo appointments continue with spinal taps every three months. Dr Malempati administered this week's procedure and everything went beautifully. Zack's counts are exactly where the docs want them to be and his daily meds were increased slightly, according to his height and weight. 

Here's some of what Zack's been up to the past three months:

Zack as King Rayna in the class play "Scheherazade," 
posing with Gabe, Edan and Gaelan after the final show...
5 performances in 3 days!

Zack, Gaelan, Edan and Gabe...celebrating 
Zack's and Gaelan's 14th birthdays in early January

Cheering for his fellow 8th graders' 
basketball team, The Moose

Volunteer work at the Oregon Food Bank, 
part of his 8th grade project

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Anonymous said...

Hi Zack,
Great pics. I am still kicking myself for not making it to the big play. It looks like a riot and you are a true king.

Hey.I just saw your great talk on your cookbook through youtube. Incredible...You are a natural speaker and a pretty good cook. I didn't know about the 3 Bees (broiling, breading and blanching) until I heard you. I always thought the 3Bs of cooking were baking, boiling and barbecueing!! Great job and you look FABULOUS on screen.
Bob and Luke