Sunday, August 10, 2008

Zack's having some great, stable days...His lungs are sounding much clearer and he's able to take bigger breaths. The doctors have done some tweaking of his various medications as his body tells them what does and doesn't work...Yesterday's attending physician said the job of the medical team is to "entertain patients while they heal" (and the ICU does sometimes feels like a 3-ring circus), but Zack's many doctors and nurses are working together to cover all bases and make sure his body gets all the support it needs.

Zack's bilirubin count went down this morning for the first time in a while...a very good thing. He's no longer taking a high dose of the antibiotic that may have been responsible for that spike. His gall bladder was showing some stress and one of the reasons for this could be a (preventative) anti-fungal medication which has now been switched to another that doesn't tax the gall bladder or liver.

Meigra Simon visited today and did a Bowenwork (bodywork) session with Zack. Meigra's been working with Zack (and me) since his early days of chemo and her work has been consistently healing for him...I'm so grateful to her for coming to the hospital to support his healing. Here's Meigra's website for anyone interested in learning more about her work:

Today's "sats" are in the mid-90s and higher...As I'm typing this, he's "satting" at 97!

View from OHSU


Anonymous said...

Hi Zack & Maria (and Grandma)-

I'm so happy to hear that things are stabilizing. I cannot wait to see you both (all) later this week. Until then, we're thinking lots of positive thoughts and sending our love your way.

Tina & family

Anonymous said...

Every day a little bit better and in Pacifica was beautiful so I took in some really deep breaths for you Zack. Can you feel them...the air is pure and clean and has your name on it.Breath deep Zack. Every day, every hour, every minute take a step towards healing. Take care Zack, Maria & Kathleen!!! Love from Pacifica!!!!!!!!!!!! CAROL

Anonymous said...

Hey there Zack!

Mocha and Maya here again.. sorry we haven't written you lately. We have been busy helping our dad remodel his bathroom. As amazing as it may sound, Mocha has become quite good at laying tile and Maya, well ... let's just say she's moral support. We have nonetheless been kept up to date on your amazing recovery by Mama Courtney. We're so proud of you Zack and we're so impressed by all the love that surrounds you. Your friends from the Bay Area. Your wonderful community in Portland. And of course your fantastic family. Your mom has always been one of our favorite humans. And she's showing us why again. There by your side, never leaving. Her love for you is so strong Zack. Stronger than anything on earth.

Anyway, enough of that sappy stuff. We've got to figure out a way to sneak up to your room for visit once we actually get to Oregon, but we'll figure it out on the way. Maya thinks she has an idea involving a roof landing, but Mocha is not so sure about it. We do have to (literally) run for now buddy. We love you so much and we're gonna be seeing you very soon. You can count on that Zachariah!

Your friends since the beginning and until forever,

Mocha Mix
Maya Mariah (a.k.a. Mandy)

Anonymous said...

Yey, Mia that is awesome. Tell Zack to keep getting stronger and how amazing he is. I'm breathing all the good clean mountain air from Colorado and sending it his way. I love you both. Karen

crllull said...

Hey Zack! Murphy is begging me to let him team up with Mocha and Maya so he can come see you!!! I told him I would try and work something out :). I'm getting ready to go to the airport right now (just printing out my boarding pass) and I'll see you in about five hours!!!

I Love you all!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Zack,

We are so happy to hear that things are continuing to improve! Yeah! We think about you throughout the day, breathing deep and wishing you well.

River and Ailim are busy right now building their latest HeroScape field. Do you know that game? You build a world from different tiles and land features (ice mountains, castles, lava pits, etc.) and then all the heroes and villains throughout the ages come and play on it in precise ways specified by their stat cards. It's far more complicated than I am interested in, but they love it.

River is now designing new tiles and heroes in his mind, and wants to pitch his ideas to Hasbro Toys in exchange for free sets. That got me thinking.... this is something you could do while resting. You can imagine different characters from your favorite books and then think through how they would act in a game like that. How would they move? How far? What would their defense be? Their range of attack? Any special abilities? And so on. It would be a way to focus your mind on something, and you could think of it as playing with River.

River also suggests the books The Alchemist and The Magician. They are sortof about Nicolas Flamel from the Harry Potter stories, and sortof like the Percy Jackson series in their modern sass.

Anyway, we're thinking of you and looking forward to the chance to visit!

Amelia and family

Unknown said...

Hey Zack-
This is Crazy Bob your Uncle Eddie's friend from Notre Dame. Hang in there buddy. I'll never forget the time your uncle Biondi and I spent some time drinking your grandpa's special sangria and playing with all your Christmas gifts back in 1998. Zack, you were the highlight of our trip to Pacifica. You are a special kid surrounded by an incredible family. Stay strong and keep improving. Wish you the best, Bob

Anonymous said...

YEAH ZACK!!!! GREAT! Youre doing Great ZAck! Another day to get stronger and healthier! You're so amazing dude. Maria, you're pretty awesome yourself! As always,i keep you both near my heart as i send positivity, love, and hope to you all....(grandma/pa and auntie cristina included)...i think auntie cristina is there now! Please tell her that i am waiting to talk to her when you get back and that I can't wait to hear more good news about you, Zack! Hang in there buddy, theres only one way to go! and Thats UP! as always, keep Rockin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

Hi Zack, Maria and Kathleen,
I'm Miguel's boss at work.
We're so glad to here of your recent improvements and looking forward to meeting you when you get out of there. We're hoping for the best and praying for your speedy recovery.
Robert and Terry

Anonymous said...


Mexico is great. Gabe really would love to have a great friend like you here instead of having to hang out with his old man. I'm still doing my underwater swim each day for you. I go as long as I can underwater, holding my breath as long as I can sending big breath energy your way.

Can't wait to see you when I get back.

Chris (gabe's dad)

Anonymous said...


I am thinking about you and hoping that you are continuing to heal. Mocha and Maya are still trying to figure out a way to sneak in and visit you. If they were human they would have been to see you a long time ago. They want you to know, although they can't control many things in their lives..... they do know that they want to tell you they love you very much. They cannot wait to see you again. Mike and I cannot wait for the same.

See you soon,

Courtney, Mike, Mocha, Maya, and Oscar

Anonymous said...

I am so proud and amazed at how strong you both are! And what a wonder modern technology and medical skills and knowlege are! I am so thankful that we are on the right track and there is light at the end of this tunnel. Please drop me a note or send a message through the grapevine as to how we can be of use. Love, Usha

Josh said...

Hello Zack and Family...My name is Joshua and I was an RT at OHSU/Doernbechers several years back and was delighted to find out that you are in their care. You couldn't ask for a more professional and clinically proficient group of health care providers anywhere in the world. The perfusionist, physicians, ECMO specialists (RN/RT'S) are the best ever. I pray for your continued improvement and am grateful you are there!


Josh the RT