Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Zack's lungs are continuing to heal while doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, surgeons and ECMO technicians continue to support him during the healing process. Today, he had a minor procedure to remove a mass (which turned out to be a blood clot) from his right lung. His ECMO technician yesterday and today was Debbie and she spent a lot of time helping him cough and clear out his lungs...All of this helps his lungs expand more fully when he takes in air. The professionals call it "recruiting" his lungs. 

Debbie, Respiratory Therapist & ECMO Technician

Zack has a slight liver imbalance so a gastroenterologist has been working to narrow down the cause, which is probably the ECMO machine itself. Zack's liver will normalize once he no longer needs ECMO. 

Surgeons added extra stitches to his ECMO access points yesterday and today. Since he's taking blood thinners (which is necessary for ECMO) it's important to stem any bleeding as much as possible...and it has vastly improved. 

Zack's had some visitors during the past few days...His grandpa left for home this morning after staying with Zack for a week...he'll be back soon; Grandma is still here and spends a lot of time with Zack; Usha did acupressure for Zack (and brought a delicious home-cooked meal for Maria); Donna visited again; Frank came from California and spent some time reading to Zack; and Courtney also came to visit from California. 

Frank visits Zack


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, not a minute goes by when I don't think of Zack. I am sending my thoughts and love to both of you. Maria, stay strong you are a true inspiration. Tell Zack that I love him and the next time I come up there I'll take him on the tram so we can hide in the smuggling compartment when we get caught in the tractor beam!

Ill talk to you all soon. 50/50

Anonymous said...

Hey Mia....tell Zack I love him and miss him, and You too. I can't wait until we can all go on a hike together in Oregon. You are amazing. Sending you both lots of hugs!!!

Unknown said...


I just remembered when we were living at the apartment in Millbrae and we decided to throw mud at the apartment building. Remember how Miguel got so mad at us... it wasn't that funny at the time, but now it's hilarious!It was so much fun throwing all that mud. It made it almost worth it to get into trouble. We had alot of fun at that apartment... can't wait to get into more trouble with you.

Love, Mikey

Anonymous said...

Hi Zack Attack, Its Auntie Cristina's Friend, Jill. Just thinking about you buddy and keeping positive thoughts for you and your mom. I know you'll get through this rough patch! Zack, I have a silly question for you? are you bored? I'm looking into some audio books for you, but I dont know what you like. If I was there, I would be reading you Harry Potter, because thats my favorite series EVEr! Tell you mom to tell Auntie Cristina what you like and i'll see what I can send your way! Youre in my constant thoughts and prayers. Talk to you Later alligator!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zack and Maria, This is River and Amelia. We are thinking of you and sending you so much love for healing. This blog thing is so cool, Zack, it's been a good way to find out how you're doing and it's cool to hear that things are going better. Please contact me when I can come in and say hi, or if we can help beyond our prayers. We celebrate your strength and resiliency!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! Way to go Zack, you are unbelievable and so's your mom...Maria you could be a doctor...good thing you question and are there to guide them with Zack and your wishes for his recovery!!! Good girl you are amazing...as always you are in my thoughts every day and prayers...God Speed!!!! Can't wait to hear that you're off ECMO Zack. Love Carol from Pacifica..weather sucks today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

hey Zack! you probably don't remember me- my name is Jen = ) I was one of your Auntie Cristina's best friends in childhood and my mom, Eileen, used to babysit you...you probably still don't remember me, but I'd like to send all my best to you and your Mom! You are two of the strongest people I know!

I just got back from Europe, and I have to tell you Zack...it's absolutely amazing! The second I set foot in Spain I thought of the Llull's and was in awe of your beautiful country! I also spent some time in Rome, Italy...and we got you a souvenir! I thought of you as soon as I saw it..your Auntie Cristina will be bringing it to you next week. I'm also going to send her some pictures to show you. You'll have to go to Europe one day Zack- I don't think it'll be hard to convince your Mom, but if you need any help, give us a call and we'll have you flying off to Spain in no time!

Stay Strong Zack! and thanks for the daily posts Maria! I look forward to them = )

P.S. so... the best part of this "comment" is that it's actually posted on your blog twice! yep, that's right- TWICE! you see Zack, I'm not very savvy when it comes to computers, so I just added a comment anywhere I wanted instead of where I should have- oops! the second best part... I'm not gonna tell you which day I posted it on first = )

Anonymous said...

Maria and Zack,
We are in Denver and we thinking of you and love you. Catharine, Lila and Wendy.

Anonymous said...

Hang tough big guy. I found some cool haystacks near Santa Cruz we're going to visit. Think of you alot.

- Mike

Anonymous said...

Weather in Pacifica was great yesterday but today its overcast but non the less good clean air being sent your way Zack so breath deep and hold in that air coming your way...every breath I take it's with you in mind!!!!!! Sending love and good wishes and clean air up there. Remember Maria you breath too!!! Love Carol

Ceska said...

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