Friday, March 27, 2009

Today was a chemo appointment with Dr. Anur...Zack's blood counts are very healthy and his appointments will continue every four weeks until March, 2011...Zack's nurse today was Alicia. She took care of Zack this summer after the ICU. It was great to see her again. Dr. Chang was also present in the procedure room for Zack's intrathecal.

It's been a couple months since my last post and Zack is now a teenager!

In February, we went to Miami for his Make-a-Wish trip. Miami was beautiful...we visited the Everglades and the Keys and swam in the ocean. Also in February, Zack played a pirate in his class play, A Pirate's Life for Me (a musical).


Anonymous said...

Hi Zack,
I was thinking about you and thought I would check the blog. There were pics of you. Hooray. Anyway, hope you are feeling ok after the chemotherapy. Rest up and have a fun weekend...if you have the energy. I am heading out on the Bay tomorrow night on a boat. Miss you and the Mother of the house...lots.
Give me a call next time you visit CA.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zack -Great update ! I miss you and love you. Grandma

Anonymous said...

Zack, Spring is a time for nature. Observe trees, how strong, after having gone through so much...Listen to the birds. There's hope in the air.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zack and maria- I've been thinking of you and just checked the great to see an update and the good news continuing!!happy Spring. Beatrice (Noah's mom)

Unknown said...

Hi Zack! Thanks for the thank You card!! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the candy--i did too! You're doing amazing! i've never been to miami, so you'll have to tell me what its like when i see you next! Cheers matey, arrRRRrrrr!

Anonymous said...

Hey Zack! Just came across one of your baby pictures we received one Christmas .. haha .. what a cute little guy. Mocha and Maya are fine, watching tv with Courtney. Maya enjoys The Bachelorette for some reason. Mocha thinks tv is nonsense. Anyway, just dropping a note to say hi and we're thinking of you guys up there in P-town. Take care of your mom.