Friday, September 25, 2009

Hello folks...It's been a few months (give or take) and Zack is now in the 8th grade. He spent the summer with family...and somewhere along the way he managed to grow back most of his hair. Chemo continues: pills daily and treatments at Doernbecher once every four weeks. (Thankfully, spinal taps (intrathecal chemo) are only once every 12 weeks.) 

Below are some of my favorite pictures of Zack from the past several months. I'll try (really I will) to update this blog every four weeks. Our love to family and friends. 

March, 2009 - Olympia, WA

March, 2009 - Fort Lewis, WA

June, 2009 - Portland, OR with Aunt Cathy

July, 2009 - Pacifica, CA with cousins Rafa & Mikey

July, 2009 - Portland, OR

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