Monday, July 14, 2008

Hospital Stay

Zack was admitted to the hospital on Sunday night...he had a fever of 103.6 and his blood counts were very low. His counts have since gone down even more and he received a blood transfusion today. The doctors say he will be in the hospital most of this week. His fever has fluctuated since last night but he seems to be stabilizing. 

Zack's docs told us it's very common for kids to end up in the hospital during this part of treatment --- the last big push of chemotherapy before heading into Maintenance. 

Earlier today I was reading about faith from a non-religious standpoint...that it is "utter positivity" and that focusing on doubt is never productive. And so, I have faith...and we are focusing on health and viewing this as a way for Zack to rest after several weeks of heavy chemo.


Anonymous said...

Zack! I cannot wait to see you in San Francisco next month. We'll have lots of laughs. Leave JFK at home!
Love, Frank
PS I'm still enjoying the book "The Funny Men" that you got me. Thanks! FF

Anonymous said...

Interesting to know.