Friday, July 25, 2008

We continue to receive good news about Zack's health. We know he is recuperating from a type of pneumonia but all tests for the really nasty viruses are negative. He's taking only one antibiotic (down from five) and has stopped spiking high fevers. 

Zack's been using a BiPAP oxygen machine since Sunday. It adds extra pressure to his breathing, helping expand his lungs when he inhales. A few times a day he "sprints" --- uses only an oxygen mask (which supplies extra oxygen but not extra pressure) for about an hour. As long as he's using the BiPAP machine, he's not allowed to eat or drink. Steroids were started today in the hope that they will increase his lung strength. 

We are expecting to be in the ICU at least through the weekend. 


Anonymous said...

Tonight's audience was worse than any Florida matinee I've ever played. Zack...I could have used you in the least you would have gotten most the jokes! Afterward I had Chinese food and gave notes to a young comic/juggler on his act and he appreciated that. Tomorrow morn at 8:50am on channel 5 in San Francisco (KPIX?) I'm on tell your SF pals and family. Can't wait til you see the show! Love, Frank

Anonymous said...

Zack and Maria,

Big hugs for you both from all of us at Casa Pavao. Macadamias from Hawaii on their way to you soon, hope you are given the ok to nibble some soon.

Tina, Matt, Maggie and Stella

Anonymous said...

Hello Zack and Maria, glad to hear the news that you are getting better and than you may be out of ICU soon!!!! Good job! Say hello to Kathleen and keep up the good work Zack. Hope to see you soon. Love Carol

Unknown said...

Hi Zack! Keep getting stronger. The force is with you!

- Stefan

Anonymous said...

yo Zack
I'm sorry that I haven't seen you in awhile but when I do I have a cool Star Wars book that you can borrow. I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling so well. I hope that you can go home soon feeling good as new.

May the force be with you!!
Love, Josh

Anonymous said...

Hi Zack,its Alianna.
I just wanted to say I am sorry you got sick again its not a very good way to spend your summer.
I thought of a new comic you could draw:an army of Elvises against Sparta(Sparta wins of course.)
I hope you get better soon.
Sincerly Alianna.
P.S.Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zack, I hope you feel better. I let Luke fly the millenium falcon yesterday, of course he had to go and fly it into an asteriod. I've been fixing her up all day. I've been thinking of coming to you're galexy. May the force be with you. Han

Suzy Happ said...

Hi, Zack,

We are sending you our love and wishes for a quick recovery. Hang in there!

Suzy and Chris

Suzy Happ said...

Dear Zack,
I hope you get well soon. I hope I can visit you soon too. I went to yellowstone this summer and we saw a grizzly bear ,a momma black bear and her cub (from a distance),three moose and about a thousand buffalo. Maybe we should go to yellowstone next summer together.
Love Gabe

Anonymous said...

Hey Zack. We're looking forward to having you back over to ROCK OUT to Cliffs of Dover. Maybe they'll be a game on too. Dudes only! Dave Kaainoa.