Saturday, July 19, 2008

Zack's day started with a blood transfusion around 4am...he slept through it. He had an x-ray around 9am. His bronchioscopy, which started around 5:30pm instead of 8am, went very well. The doctors took a sample from his lungs...we will have results tomorrow. Despite warnings that he could end up in the ICU after the procedure (due to irritation of his already taxed lungs), he's currently (and happily) watching Monty Python in his room. He is still hooked up to oxygen but his breathing is not labored. He's feeling mellow from the sedation but he doesn't have a fever and is in a very good mood. Zack says he feels better than he did yesterday and I think he looks better, too. 


Unknown said...

Hey Z Man
Edan and I are thinking about you lots. You need to get better quick cuz I am without a Bocce' partner.
Sending you massive doses of Reiki and love.

"Don't look. We just might be in there"
Foghorn Leghorn

Anonymous said...

Zack, what do you call a gigantic
polar bear?
Answer:Nothing, you just run away.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zack,
Tonight was a good show. A ton of laughs...and it reminded me of when you and I did our thing in Idaho Falls. Big laughs like we got there! I'm so glad that we became friends...and I am so proud of you and who you are. Smart, funny, sensitive, fun...and as my daughter would say about you..."so handsome." You are a strong young man...and this crap will be over soon...know that! Don't tell your mom I used the word 'crap.' Though she's probably reading this to you. Oh crap, crap, crap! I'm sure you are sick of being where you are and are tired of the whole routine of it. But you are bigger than all of it. Your spirit is huge. So don't let it get you down...I told your Mom early on that big things are in store for you. This I know. So hang in...keep fighting and laughing and get yourself down to San Francisco in a few weeks so we can hang out. Love...your pal, Frank

Anonymous said...

Hi Zachary!

I meant to tell you: I had lunch near Bryant Park last week right in front of where the all stars were boarding their trucks for the all star parade up 6th avenue. Each player had his own truck with a stool in the bed of the truck to sit on during the parade. I got to see Albert Pujols, Reggie Jackson and Yankees manager Joe Girardi before the police escorted us along. By the way, Reggie sat down and turned his back to the crowd calling his name. And they say Barry was ornery. I'm going to try to call this week while the kids are awake so they can say hi.


Uncle Eddie

crllull said...

Hey Zack! I was looking at pictures last night of when you and me and Mikey went to the zoo a few years ago. That was so much fun! We have to go again when you're here next month. I'm so proud of you for being so strong dude! I love you very much and I can't wait to see you!!!

Aunt Cristina